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About Me

An Historian of Science turned Producer 

I am a proud native of Austin, Texas with a proven history of synchronizing multiple organizations and team members across different disciplines. As a producer, I pride myself on practicing vulnerable servant leadership. A big part of that is never backing down from being a goofball. I'm known for dressing up in costumes and committing to the bit. I love to make people laugh and believe in finding the shared humor and joy in any team. A production professor of mine once said my autobiography should be entitled: Engaging, Self-Deprecating, and Endearing: The Reed Devany Story. My goal is to ensure a community of mutual respect, compassion, and sincerity.

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I originally studied History at the University of Texas and conducted my research in the United Kingdom on cross-Atlantic computing cooperation, graduating with honors in December 2014. I worked in High Performance Computing for seven years, first as an Outreach Coordinator before eventually becoming a Vice President of Operations. (To Iearn more about what I accomplished this role, visit my "Non-Gaming Experience" page). After six years in that space, I decided to take my coordination and project management skills to the gaming industry. I received my Master's Degree in video game production from SMU Guildhall in May 2024. I was selected by my fellow students as student speaker and was awarded Faculty Honors for my games user research thesis - "Parsing the Paramour". I strive to work for organizations and companies that value mutual respect and emotional intelligence to the same degree I do. 

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In my free time, I like to guest on podcasts to discuss early 2000s pop culture, movies and literature, and all things Star Wars. Though I loathe the term, I am a "Prequels Apologist." I subscribe to the adage that the opposite of "play" isn't work - it's depression. As such, I love to travel and attend Renaissance Festivals and Conventions.  I bleed burnt orange, anxiously await Lewis Hamilton's 8th Formula One title, and am a season ticket holder to Austin FC. #ListosVerde


I've contributed to a variety of Star Wars podcasts including: Ahch-To Radio, the Imperial Senate Podcast, and It's True, All of It: A Star Wars Podcast. Here's an example of a guest appearance where I breakdown the "Ewok Hunt" game mode from EA's Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) and pitch a survival horror film inspired by it. 

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