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My Professional Experience Prior to Games


I was a member of hardware teams that delivered large scale computers for National Security and large data analytics applications across the United States. Working for a small company, I have firsthand experience being the "little guy" at a table of Fortune 500 executives, key government officials, renowned technologists, and large venture entities.

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Vice President of Operations and Information Security Officer, Data Vortex Technologies

April 2021 - July 2022

I was responsible for the management of company operations and coordinating multi-institutional projects. I supported the core executive team in the Federal and Financial sectors and oversaw hardware implementation for national security users. I managed industrial, manufacturing, academic, and press partnerships via CRM software and maintained employee and partner contracts, speaking at multiple conferences in the United States and Europe. As Information Security Officer (a job I still engage in part-time as a member of the company's Managing Committee), I oversee and approve the company's Confidential Materials catalogue and program. Lastly, I continue to direct the company's global IP portfolio and was the firm's POC with outside legal counsel. You can click the above image to watch a talk I gave at Supercomputing Frontiers Europe (SCFE).


Director of Communications, Data Vortex Technologies 

May 2017 - April 2021

I worked alongside the Chief Financial/Operations Officer and Chief Strategy Officer in executive business decision support and industry research, reporting directly to the company's managing committee. During this time, I worked closely with the company's R&D team, co-authoring a patent on connecting processes cores on a silicon substrate. Primary tasks included: crafting a messaging strategy to global partners, fostering investor enthusiasm, and authoring public literature and press releases. 

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Outreach Coordinator, Data Vortex Technologies

November 2015 - May 2017

I was responsible for the maintenance of a two-pronged outreach approach with external industry partners and customers on one end and internal investors and shareholders on the other. During this time period, I was a member of three validation systems delivery teams at US Department of Energy and Department of Defense sites.

Method and Apparatus for Improved Data Transfer Between Processor Cores -   a globally protected patent I co-authored in 2019


Freelance Writer and Researcher

December 2014 - Present

Since graduating from the University of Texas, I have kept up my passion in the history of science as a freelance writer, researcher, and editor. My work has been published by INFORMS, IFORS, and other academic and professional societies. As an editor, I have worked with authors for whom English is a second language and have performed final grammar and syntax passes on numerous articles published in reputable academic journals. As a researcher, I have worked with primary resources from archives across the United States and Great Britain, primarily investigating the history of non-academic institutions in the early development of Operations Research. This includes OR in accounting, the oil and gas industry, aviation, and government funded military research. A full list of these public reports, articles, and compilations may be found here

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